Creative Happy Work, Follow your Heart to a Thriving Business, Life and World by Kat Byles is out now.

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Ten Guided Meditations for Inspirational Clarity in your Business, as featured in the book, Creative Happy Work by Kat Byles.

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A 6-week online course to grow your audience and impact for a thriving business and world.

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A week’s creative immersion in the natural beauty of Antigua to receive your heart’s vision and pathway to happier, healthier, wealthier business.

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Game-changing, heart-led communication for a positive global impact and lasting legacy.

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What they say

“Kat prodded my intuitive thinking into reality. I created a better working space and products and generated more income for my business.”

Nancy Feely, owner, Island Fresh Market

When I aligned with my heart new financial partnerships came knocking at my door, my website traffic went up by 50% and my turnover up by 30%. Being in the Financial Times is the pinnacle for me as a personal finance writer.

Lynn Beattie, Mrs MummyPenny

By following the wisdom of her heart, Step created her True Business: “Your invitation to sit with the new vision of working with men during PR with Heart, Kat, opened up and clarified the direction for my work.”

Steph Magenta, Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher

“’It is enjoyable to make things visible, which are invisible’ – Eric Cantona. This quote speaks volumes about you Kat. You are an inspiration now and always.”

Dave Cobban, Director, Nike Sustainable Business and Innovation

“Kat brings out courage due to her own sense of bravery in allowing creativity to be used as a powerful force for positive change.”

Noelle Adcock-Mcelya