Sue Blanch is a menstrual consultant, yoga teacher and author of Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle, Live in Harmony with your Natural Rhythm.’

Sue arrived into the PR with Heart Online in 2017 with a powerful piece of research, set of tools and yoga sequences to heal period pain and PMS.

This had transformed her own menstrual cycle and led her on a discovery into the immense creativity held within a woman’s menstrual cycle.  When she shared this wisdom with other women there were often tears and comments like ‘I wish I’d had this sooner.’

She was ready to share it with many more women and having a tendency towards over working and burn out she wanted to do this naturally and effortlessly.

Starting at zero, with a blank piece of paper, Sue was honest and open about a normal dose of self doubt that comes with anything new – ‘Am I here to do this? Am I the right person to do this?’

After the 5 week PR with Heart Course these questions were clearly answered. Absolutely Yes. She created a clear, simple PR with Heart plan and pathway in alignment with her true nature and purpose.

Sue’s transformation since has been a joy to witness. Her courage to consistently show up is inspiring and has created confidence and embodiment of her purpose.

A few of her creative firsts…

…She took her self off for a professional photoshoot to illustrate the yoga sequences.

…She showed up regularly for workshops that she now receives invitations to hold.

…She completed and self-published her book ‘Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle.’

…She invested in a Facebook Course and began a Facebook Page. 

…She secured 3 media pieces in Yoga Magazine – a book review and 2 three page features.

Sue shares: “I’ve created my whole PR with Heart plan. It’s thanks to you that I got into Yoga Magazine. You gave me the courage to go for it. Now I have a book review and article in the November 2018 magazine and a second article in December 2018 edition.”

By listening to her heart and consistently showing up Sue has built a substantial, solid foundation for her work that is now reaching hundreds more women to receive the benefits of Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle. She is visible, vocal, appreciating her creativity and fulfilling her true purpose.

Congratulations Sue and Thank you for sharing your True Self, work and wisdom with more women. x

You can say hello to Sue here: yogaandthemenstrualcycle.com

You can buy the book here: yogaandthemenstrualcycle.com/book/

enjoy this conversation with Sue sharing her experience of discovering her true purpose and growing her audience, visibility and voice naturally with PR with Heart. Her biggest gift from listening to her heart to grow her business? “Learning to trust myself.”

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“Working with Kat burst through over 2 years of frustration and perspiration in about an hour and a half! From then I had a clear vision of what we needed to articulate and set to work.”

Martin Saunders, Marketing Head, Good Energy

I’ve created opportunities that allow me to be myself and share the messages that I care about.  I’ve created speaking opportunities, the website and business have been growing.  The way I interact with people has changed – I’m much clearer about what I’m doing and I don’t hesitate or wait to take action.

Samia El Jaafari, co-founder, Intro

“Kat brings out courage due to her own sense of bravery in allowing creativity to be used as a powerful force for positive change.”

Noelle Adcock-Mcelya

“A really big “thank you” for all the hard work and dedication you put in to the Homeless World Cup and for the way in which you have helped to change the lives of thousands of people through football.”

Rio Ferdinand, Footballer

“The greatest gift from True Business has been simplicity. It has allowed my offerings to emerge and they are all things I never thought I’d be able to do as work. Photography and taking people into Nature feel so obvious as they are part of me. The business I needed to bring to the world has now been allowed to emerge.”

Edward Pike, Spiritual Mentor, Photographer & Writer