Big Screen Storytelling at Homeless World Cup

Back in 2005 when I first discovered the Homeless World Cup my heart leapt at the potential for an international documentary and feature film. My plan was to secure an international documentary that made it to the Sundance Film Festival to create more feelers into the film world where I’d secure the best producers for the feature film.

The International Documentary Kicking It

In 2005, after meeting with over 15 documentary producer/directors, we agreed Susan Koch, director and Neil Barrett, cinematographer would follow 5 national teams – Ireland, USA, Russia, Kenya, Afghanistan – to the Cape Town 2006 Homeless World Cup.  A mammoth task that they set about with passion and care for the players, which was important to us, that everyone we worked with had the well-being of the players as prime focus.

Sundance Film Festival 2008

I remember jumping up and down and yelling out loud when Kicking It, narrated by Colin Farrell was selected for the Sundance Film Festival 2008.  And here it was sold to ESPN for repeat showing in the run up to the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Colin Farrell attended Sundance with headline film, In Bruges, and came along to the premiere of Kicking It. We met, and asking him about the opportunity to make a feature film he agreed to look in to producers. Two months later Colin was interviewed by David Letterman on The Late Show and introduced the audience to the Homeless World Cup, Kicking It and the impact of players training around the world.

Blueprint for the Big Screen

Two months after that I received a call from Graham Broadbent, Blueprint Pictures, producer of In Bruges, Welcome to Sarajevo, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Colin Farrell had come through and made the introduction. Another jumping up and down and yelling this time in the middle of a street in Bath!  In 2008 we assigned the feature film rights to Colin Farrell, Blueprint Pictures and Film Four. Frank Cottrell Boyce is the scriptwriter. Next stop directors. To see it on the big screen will be a dream of at least ten patient years in the making.

To be continued….

Read about it in Variety Magazine

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