A 6-week online course to create your prosperous True Business with Divine inspiration and your Heart’s wisdom.

True Business is for creatives, pioneers, artists, teachers, healers, therapists, coaches and consultants who care and want to do business differently. Business leading with your Creative Spirit, aligned with your True Nature and Purpose, and in harmony with our beautiful natural world.

What it is not…

Business doesn’t have to be profit at all costs, corruption and competition. This causes disease and destruction. Business doesn’t have to be blood sweat and tears, lean in, push through, make it happen, make that sale, manipulate, cajole and meet that goal. This causes stress, anxiety, burn out and a pain deep down in our Soul.

What it is…

Your True Business is so natural to you, it doesn’t feel like work. When you connect to Source, the universal energy of life that delights in creating, business becomes nourishing, regenerative and life-giving. Business becomes a wonderful vehicle to fulfil your full creative expression and your True Purpose, do your life’s work and make a lasting contribution. Your True Business generates wellness, fulfilment and prosperity for ALL.

True Business is for you if you have a calling or desire to…

  • Make your True Nature and Purpose your Business
  • Change direction, leave a corporate job, discover what’s next?
  • Create a location independent business with more freedom
  • Do your life’s work and create a lasting legacy
  • Design a signature product or service providing value and impact
  • Pour your Heart and Soul into your business
  • Bring wellness, creativity and happiness into your work
  • Create prosperity for ALL

Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction 

  • Learn a new business model that builds a business natural to you
  • Set our course agreements for a powerful, safe, creative space
  • Practice a simple, powerful method for Connecting to Source
  • Set your intention for the course and your True Business

Week 2: Purpose

  • Receive your True Essence that will run through your business, it’s DNA
  • Discover and articulate your True Purpose to inspire you and your audience
  • Identify 3 Purpose pillars building the foundation of your True Business

Week 3: Audience 

  • Meet and get to know your audience, the people who need your service
  • Identify the key channel of communication to reach this audience
  • Articulate your Heart’s Message to inspire and engage your audience

Week 4: Offering

  • Design your transformational signature product or service
  • Set the ideal product pricing for the best outcome for everyone
  • Explore the potential longterm product range and development

Week 5: Prosperity

  • Identify your unique personal needs to experience prosperity
  • Identify and dissolve any inner blocks to receiving prosperity and financial wealth
  • Meet your inner Chief Financial Officer and set the financial intention
  • Explore the revenue potential from your offering and jackpot financial structure

Week 6: Flow 

  • Choose 8 clear end results to create the vision of your True Business
  • Practice non-resistance and skilful action to bring your vision into being in flow
  • Work with nature’s Fibonacci sequence to build momentum in your business

Course Format

  • Up to 75 minute pre-recorded classes delivered on Monday to listen when suits you.
  • Live Q&A Sessions on Thursday’s at 7.30pm (UK Time), recorded if you can’t make live.
  • Online community space for discussion, sharing, feedback, collaborating and celebrating. This has now moved from Facebook to a clean, clear space just for us within the True Business School on Mighty Networks.


Thursday 22 April 2021, 7.30pm (UK Time) Week 1 Live Q&A: Introduction
Thursday 29 April 2021, 7.30pm (UK Time) Week 2 Live Q&A: Purpose
Thursday 6 May 2021, 7.30pm (UK Time) Week 3 Live Q&A: Audience
Thursday 13 May 2021, 7.30pm (UK Time) Week 4 Live Q&A: Offering
Thursday 20 May 2021, 7.30pm (UK Time Week 5 Live Q&A: Prosperity
Thursday 27 May 2021, 7.30pm (UK Time) Week 6 Live Q&A: Flow

What other people have experienced…

“Before True Business I was feeling  lost and overwhelmed with what to do in my business as I had so many ideas. Through connecting with my Heart and my Purpose I have a clear map to navigate my business to the next level and I am really excited about it. The world needs True Business. I would not hesitate to recommend it. If it speaks to you, do it.” Sarah Rose Bright

“The greatest gift from True Business has been simplicity. It has allowed my offerings to emerge and they are all things I never thought I’d be able to do as work. Photography and taking people into Nature feel so obvious as they are part of me. The business I needed to bring to the world has now been allowed to emerge.” Edward Pike

“When I aligned with my Heart new financial partnerships came knocking at my door, my website traffic went up by 50% and my turnover up by 30%.” Lynn James, MrsMummyPenny.com

“I’ve learnt to listen to and follow my Heart instead of my head. The focus; meditations; accountability; revelations from my Heart; sharing, listening and helping each other has been truly inspiring. Thank you Kat, for such a massive shift in a short time…and also gentle enough for it to feel easy and right.” Louise Broda

“I now have clarity of Purpose and the resulting feeling of empowerment and confidence in my business.” Claire-Louise Price

Meet Kat

Kat is the founder of True Business, a pioneering way of being in business that leads with your Creative Spirit and honours your Heart. For creatives, pioneers, artists, teachers and healers who want to do business differently, your True Business is so natural to you it doesn’t feel like work.

In 2000 she founded Authentic PR, as featured in The Guardian, The Times and Director Magazine, championing business with a positive purpose and pioneering the Purpose Economy now worth over £120 billion in the UK alone. As the Global Communications Director, Homeless World Cup, she was instrumental in growing the organisation from 20 to 70 nations, positively impacting 250,000 people who were homeless and generating over $25 million in media coverage.

Whilst building a business with purpose made a difference, Kat experienced burn out at 42. Her intuition led her to a life in Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean where being in the beauty of Nature restored her wellness and inspiration for True Business flowed. Developed with over 200 creative pioneers in 14 countries the True Business model is generating wellness, fulfilment and prosperity as an alternative to the destructive profit at all costs traditional business model.

She is the author of ‘True Business: Unleash your Creative Spirit on the Business you were Born to Build’ due for publication early 2021. Kat lives in the UK and Antigua where she is a Caribbean Wellness Ambassador and hosts The Antigua Retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a business already to take this course?

No. True Business is designed to meet you exactly where you are.

You may have a business already and want to develop and grow it. Perhaps you would like to align your business with your True Purpose; develop your signature product or service; create a greater or more consistent income stream, build a business structure so you can spend more time with your family.

Or you may be changing direction and have a desire to create your own business. You may have some idea of what that may be, or none at all and would love to explore, design and build your True Business from scratch.

Is True Business for women only?

No, everyone is welcome.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. You you can pay in two monthly payments of £250.

What happens if I can’t make all the sessions?

Weekly classes are pre-recorded for you to listen in your own time. Live sessions are recorded for you to listen afterwards if you can’t join live. Kat is with you in our online community space on a daily basis too.

How much time will I need to take this course?

Allow 3-4 hours per week.




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What they say

“Kat is simply world class. She turns PR into a win, win, win delivering outstanding value to all she connects with. She is genius at the big picture strategy AND delivers quality down to the minute details of every aspect.”

Neil Crofts, Cultural Innovation & Authentic Leadership Consultant

“I have to pinch myself to believe it. It has taken off. Now I’m focused on sharing valuable information with a mainstream audience it is fun and opportunities open up effortlessly.”

Alison Pilling, Sex School for Grown Ups

“Working with Kat burst through over 2 years of frustration and perspiration in about an hour and a half! From then I had a clear vision of what we needed to articulate and set to work.”

Martin Saunders, Marketing Head, Good Energy

“A really big “thank you” for all the hard work and dedication you put in to the Homeless World Cup and for the way in which you have helped to change the lives of thousands of people through football.”

Rio Ferdinand, Footballer

When I aligned with my heart new financial partnerships came knocking at my door, my website traffic went up by 50% and my turnover up by 30%. Being in the Financial Times is the pinnacle for me as a personal finance writer.

Lynn Beattie, Mrs MummyPenny