Welcome to The Divine Plan, a global membership to feed you with Divine Inspiration to create your Heart’s Vision for your True Business.

With connection to Source and the guidance of our Heart’s Wisdom as a much loved habit in business, we can create what we’d love to see in our business, in our world in harmony with our True Nature and Purpose.

We can also navigate turbulent times with a calm, grounded presence.

All in community. A community of courageous creative pioneers cheering you on, supporting you, standing for your heart’s vision for your True Business to be created in a grounded, clear, confident way. Make the most of the friendships, collaborations and energy that makes your business fun with support for the times you take a step into new possibilities.

What you’ll experience.

Deep Connection. There are live Zoom circles, workshops, inspiration sessions, exercises and discussions to move you into the wise, calm, centre of your sacred Heart. From this place of connection and deep receptivity you create your best work.

Be with Creative Pioneers. This community of creatives, pioneers, teachers, healers, artists, authors are all standing for your higher vision, walking the path of the Heart alongside you. As we discover, learn and celebrate together our impact is amplified by our collective focus and strength. We are remind to soften, to receive, to surrender.

Create Transformation. Walking the path of your Heart creates a  natural transformation in your business and wider community. This isn’t always easy. Support, accountability and encouragement makes it more likely that we stay the course to receive and enjoy the fruits of transformation.

How it works.

Monthly Focus. Each month we focus on a key area – e.g. purpose, audience, offering, pricing, receiving, messaging, financial structure, consistent clients – and dive in deep to receive the gold to develop to the next level of success.

Divine Connection. On the first Tuesday of each month we come together live on Zoom to receive Divine Inspiration. There’s a guided meditation, listening, sharing and coaching. The session is recorded and all meditations added to the meditation library to access anytime.

Weekly Intention. On Monday set your weekly intention, check in on Wednesday and celebrate on Friday and enjoy making connection and showing up a habit.

Inspirational Showcase. Once a month a different member of the community shares a workshop, presentation or talk live on Zoom. Everyone benefits from the wisdom and natural talent within the community and we get to know each other so we can confidently recommend and refer business.

Join us anytime and stay for as long as you like, although I recommend a minimum of 3 months so you can experience the creative flow that comes from consistent connection to Heart Wisdom and Divine Inspiration. We have a private online community within the True Business School powered by Mighty Networks to enjoy a clean, clear space without distraction.

What members are saying.

“It’s flipping energising to be in amongst others who are being courageous, I find myself doing the same. My clear purpose combined with community with courage is very infectious and effective.”  Rebecca Hartnell, Career Coach and Trainer

Key Timings.

Divine Connection – Zoom – First Tuesday of the month at 8.00pm UK Time. That’s 4.00pm Antigua | 3.00pm New York | 12.00pm Los Angeles | 7.00am Melbourne (Friday).

Special Event  – 2020 Business Year Completion – Zoom – Wednesday 30 December at 2pm UK Time. Check the Time Meeting Planner to find the time where you are.


It’s £40 / month and when you sign up for the Annual Membership at £400 / year you receive two months free.

Join here.

The Divine Plan Annual Membership – £450 / year – Join Here

The Divine Plan Monthly Membership – £40 / month – Join Here

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What they say

“My PR plan became the creative, energetic heart of my project. What emerged was surprising, energising, and far larger than I expected. This has given me the courage to do effortlessly what I previously believed would be challenging. I cannot recommend Kat more highly. She is world-class.”

Simon Haas, author, The Book of Dharma

“Kat prodded my intuitive thinking into reality. I created a better working space and products and generated more income for my business.”

Nancy Feely, owner, Island Fresh Market

“I have to pinch myself to believe it. It has taken off. Now I’m focused on sharing valuable information with a mainstream audience it is fun and opportunities open up effortlessly.”

Alison Pilling, Sex School for Grown Ups

When I aligned with my heart new financial partnerships came knocking at my door, my website traffic went up by 50% and my turnover up by 30%. Being in the Financial Times is the pinnacle for me as a personal finance writer.

Lynn Beattie, Mrs MummyPenny

“I loved PR with Heart. Kat, you are so intuitive you can tune into what we need and support us. The group has so much support to give you momentum, accountability and encouragement. The structure for me, breaking it down into small steps made it much more manageable. And listening to your heart. I wouldn’t normally do that and it pinpointed obvious actions and sparks of ideas.”

Denise McAlister, Let’s Talk STI’s