A 4-month creative incubator to bring your next game-changing step in your PR or True Business to life. 

The Creative Mastermind is an intimate group of up to 5 people with a specific project or next developmental step to create in your PR or True Business. This is a strong, focused structure to connect to Source, listen to your Heart’s wisdom and take consistent action to for your game-changing step to become reality. 

You do this with nourishing collective group energy, accountability and support. It’s a whole lot more fun, focused and effective creating together, holding true to your vision, moving through resistance and challenges and celebrating success, rather than soldiering on alone. It’s the creative focus turbo we all need sometimes. 

How it works…

  • Bi-Weekly Creating Sessions

We meet bi-weekly on Zoom for an hour and a half at a time that works for all. 

In your first session we connect to Source, your heart’s wisdom and identify your next game-changing step with the greatest value to you, your audience and your True Business. This becomes your creative intention and focus for the next 4 months. For example: To launch my website/product, To set up my global community/membership, To create prosperity with grace and ease, To develop and launch my signature product or service, To secure a publisher for my book.

A nourishing, inspiring space to space to connect to Source, your heart’s wisdom and get clear on the skilful, inspired action to take over the next two weeks to bring your creative intention to life.

  • Bi-Weekly Heart Connection 

Alternative weeks we have a 30 minute heart-centred connection to stay attuned to your heart’s vision and focus and take inspired action to bring your creative intention into being.

  • One to One Sessions

You have 60 minutes with me to use in the best way that serves you creating your intention. Book a deep dive in an hour, 30 minutes to focus in on an issue, 15 minutes for a focused blast.

  • Optional Sprint Sessions 

Each week there is an optional sprint session hosted on Zoom for you to take uninterrupted focused action. Get that email written and set, a proposal complete, write for an hour on your book, whatever your skilful inspired action is to take, come on in and join me on Zoom.

  • Online Group

We have an online space for group interaction, support, encouragement, feedback and celebrations, sharing anything you’d like feedback on. This is private, clean, clear space in the True Business School, away from distractions of social media where we can focus on your vision and intention.

  • For up to 5 people for 4 months 
  • 8 x 1.5 hour bi-weekly Creating Sessions
  • 8 x 30 minute bi-weekly Heart Connection
  • 60 minutes 1-2-1 with me that you can split as best serves you
  • Optional weekly sprint sessions to focus on action taking
  • Online forum for daily support as required
  • All sessions are recorded

What others created…

Creative Masterminds are nourishing, supportive and effective. Everyone deepens their connection to Source, to Divine inspiration and grows in confidence with their heart’s wisdom and natural creative cycles and rhythms. Tangible results created from the heart include:

  • Created and launched a new website and retreat program
  • Developed a documentary and secured development funding
  • Developed and launched their online course and membership community
  • Created an industry magazine and thought leadership platform
  • Transformed the focus of the business to align with prosperity and ease
  • Placed a new product in a high profile, luxury store
  • Developed and launched a Podcast to speak directly to a key audience
  • Launched from a standing start in business to £35,000 in year one 
  • Created a new workshop that repeatedly sold out, including 80 places on a cruise
  • Delivered a Tedx talk
  • Consistently secured national TV, radio and magazine coverage


£1000 for four months 

That’s £250 per month, the cost of a one to one session, making it financially accessible as well as powerful.

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What they say

“My PR plan became the creative, energetic heart of my project. What emerged was surprising, energising, and far larger than I expected. This has given me the courage to do effortlessly what I previously believed would be challenging. I cannot recommend Kat more highly. She is world-class.”

Simon Haas, author, The Book of Dharma

“Kat’s like a spark plug. You come away ignited.”

Wendy Richmond, founder, Yellow Bicycle PR

“Working with Kat burst through over 2 years of frustration and perspiration in about an hour and a half! From then I had a clear vision of what we needed to articulate and set to work.”

Martin Saunders, Marketing Head, Good Energy

“Kat is simply world class. She turns PR into a win, win, win delivering outstanding value to all she connects with. She is genius at the big picture strategy AND delivers quality down to the minute details of every aspect.”

Neil Crofts, Cultural Innovation & Authentic Leadership Consultant

“The greatest gift from True Business has been simplicity. It has allowed my offerings to emerge and they are all things I never thought I’d be able to do as work. Photography and taking people into Nature feel so obvious as they are part of me. The business I needed to bring to the world has now been allowed to emerge.”

Edward Pike, Spiritual Mentor, Photographer & Writer