A 4-month creative space to bring your next developmental step in your PR or True Business to life. 

The Creative Mastermind is an intimate group of up to 5 people with a specific project or next developmental step to create in your PR or True Business. This is a strong, focused, structure to connect to Source, listen to your Heart’s wisdom, and take consistent action to create a key element of your Heart’s True Business Vision. Typically it follows on from the PR with Heart or True Business Online Courses. 

You do this with nourishing collective group energy, accountability and support. It’s a whole lot more fun creating together, holding true to your vision, moving through resistance and challenges, celebrating success together, than it is soldiering on alone. It’s the creative turbo boost we all need sometimes. 

How it works…

We meet bi-weekly on Zoom for an hour and a half at a time that works for all. 

  • Establish your Creative Focus & Intention

In your first session we connect to Source, your Heart’s vision and identify what your Heart wants to create now in your True Business or PR. This will have the most beneficial impact on you, your audience and your True Business and becomes your intention and focus for the next 4 months. For example: To launch my website, To set up my global community/membership, To create prosperity with grace and ease, To develop and launch my signature product or service.

  • Bi-Weekly Creating Sessions

Bi-weekly creating sessions open with a connection to Source, to your Heart’s vision. Everyone reports in, sharing insights, challenges, wins and it becomes obvious what is needed from the session to walk the true path of your Heart. You always leave with the next inspired action to take towards your creative intention. It’s nourishing, regenerative and inspiring. 

  • One to One and Online Forum

There is a 45 minute one-to-one session with me and an online forum for regular group interaction, support, encouragement, feedback and celebrations. This is hosted by the True Business School Mighty Networks, a clean, clear space away from distractions of social media. 

  • For up to 5 people for 4 months 
  • 8 x 1.5 hour bi-weekly Creating Sessions
  •  1 x 45 minute one-to-one session with Kat
  • Online forum for daily support as required
  • All sessions are recorded

What others have created…

Creative Masterminds are nourishing, supportive and effective. Everyone deepens their connection to Source, to Divine inspiration and grows in confidence with their Heart’s wisdom and natural creative cycles and rhythms. Results include:

  • Created and launched a new website and retreat program
  • Developed a documentary and secured development funding
  • Developed and launched their online course and membership community
  • Created an industry magazine and thought leadership platform
  • Transformed the focus of the business to align with prosperity and ease
  • Placed a new product in a high profile, luxury store
  • Developed and launched a Podcast to speak directly to a key audience
  • Launched from a standing start in business to £35,000 in year one 
  • Created a new workshop that repeatedly sold out, including 80 places on a cruise
  • Created the invitation to and delivered a Tedx talk
  • Consistently secured national TV, radio and magazine coverage



That’s £150 per month, the cost of a one to one session, making it financially accessible as well as powerful.

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What they say

“I have to pinch myself to believe it. It has taken off. Now I’m focused on sharing valuable information with a mainstream audience it is fun and opportunities open up effortlessly.”

Alison Pilling, Sex School for Grown Ups

“Kat prodded my intuitive thinking into reality. I created a better working space and products and generated more income for my business.”

Nancy Feely, owner, Island Fresh Market

When I aligned with my heart new financial partnerships came knocking at my door, my website traffic went up by 50% and my turnover up by 30%. Being in the Financial Times is the pinnacle for me as a personal finance writer.

Lynn Beattie, Mrs MummyPenny

“Kat is a powerful, imaginative and intuitive leader with a great capacity to see a vision and make it happen. What sets Kat apart is her heart. She works with passion and exudes creative energy and enthusiasm that is both inspiring and contagious.”

Mel Young, president, Homeless World Cup

“A really big “thank you” for all the hard work and dedication you put in to the Homeless World Cup and for the way in which you have helped to change the lives of thousands of people through football.”

Rio Ferdinand, Footballer