Game-changing, heart-led communication for a positive global impact and lasting legacy.

This is for founders, executive directors and leaders of businesses and organisations pioneering positive social and environmental impact or change, specifically to:

  • Grow your global, national and local profile, reach and audience to fulfil your purpose and impact.

  • Create and implement a communications strategy, message and focus that directs people and resources into your vision, building a lasting legacy.

  • Develop key stakeholder relationships, partnerships and assets that step change your individual and organisational reach, influence and impact.

  • All with connection, alignment and skilful action that inspires, regenerates and creates a win-win for all. (No unsustainable, unresourced, unsupportive foundations and limiting structures that leave you frustrated, frazzled with a nervous system overload and burn out!)

By working with Kat you bring…

A board level global communications director with 30 years experience pioneering social and environmental change from grassroots to global impact.

A radical, regenerative business model that facilitates results in harmony with your true nature and purpose and Mother nature with best use of resources for results.

A leader trained in transformation working with inspiration, intuition and wisdom to open up new pathways, opportunities and relationships for you and and your organisation to succeed and thrive.

What’s typically involved?

Bi-weekly Alignment Session (up to 1 hour) – to align with your vision, receive inspiration and take skilful action.

Monthly Creative Strategy Day (six hours) – to take big, smart, creative leaps. E.g. Working with you and or your team we may map out your vision, purpose and values; build your global communications and fundraising strategy; your brand strategy; outline the skeleton of your book; create a launch campaign.

Monthly Skilful Action Day (six hours) – to take skilful action towards your vision. E.g. I’m on hand to write a new pitch or proposal; pitch to a new funding partner or documentary producer; write your press kit; all the copywriting, editing, pitching, producing you need to keep moving forwards.

Email and Voxer or WhatsApp support – Monday to Thursday as required.

Recommended by…

“’It is enjoyable to make things visible, which are invisible’ – Eric Cantona. This quote speaks volumes about you Kat. You are an inspiration now and always.”
Dave Cobban, Director, Nike Sustainable Business and Innovation

“Working with Kat burst through 2 years of frustration and perspiration in about an hour and a half! From then I had a clear vision of what we needed to articulate and set to work.” Martin Saunders, Marketing Director, Good Energy

“You have helped me and so many people run energetically in the right direction instead of wrong ones! Saved many people many years of woe and supported many people into fulfilling their purpose.” Katie Sarra, Founder, Sea School for Embodiment

“Kat is like a spark plug! You come away ignited.” Wendy Richmond.

“Kat is a powerful, imaginative and intuitive leader with a capacity to see a vision and make it happen. What sets Kat apart is her heart. She works with passion and exudes creative energy and enthusiasm that is both inspiring and contagious.” Mel Young, President, Homeless World Cup

“Kat is simply world class. She turns PR into a win, win, win delivering outstanding value to all she connects with. She is genius at the big picture strategy AND delivers quality down to the minute details of every aspect.” Neil Crofts, Cultural Innovation & Authentic Leadership Consultant

“A really big “thank you” for all the hard work and dedication you put in to the Homeless World Cup and for the way in which you helped change the lives of thousands of people through football.” Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United and England Footballer

About Kat

As a Global Communications Director, Kat’s worked with brands and entrepreneurs pioneering social and environmental change for over 30 years including Good Energy, Homeless World Cup, Nike, UEFA, Vodafone Foundation, Beyond Sport, Muhammad & Lonnie Ali, Desmond Tutu, Erica Cantona, Colin Farrell and Lewis Hamilton.

In 2000 she founded Authentic PR, as featured in The Guardian, The Times and Director, for businesses with a positive purpose beyond profit, pioneering the Purpose Economy now worth over £100 million in the UK alone. She was also publisher for New Consumer, the UK’s leading authentic, ethical and sustainable living magazine.

As Global Communications Director for the Homeless World Cup, she was instrumental in growing the organisation from 20 to 70 nations, positively impacting 250,000 people in 5 years. She generated over $25 million in media coverage; and was Executive Producer for documentary, Kicking It narrated by Colin Farrell, selected for the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals and sold to US Sports Channel ESPN. She also signed the feature film, The Beautiful Game, with Blue Print Pictures (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) made for Netflix 14 years later!

Then she burnt out. She followed her heart ‘s wisdom to Antigua where nature and the Caribbean Sea restored her wellness and then inspired the radical, regenerative business model – True Business. True Business leads with your heart’s wisdom, true nature and purpose for a happier, healthier, wealthier business and world. True Business and PR with Heart have since served 300+ creative leaders in 14 countries to thrive.

Kat is the author of upcoming book “Creative Happy Work: 8 weeks to discover your True Business” and lives in Antigua and the UK.


From £5,000 per month.


You can book a time with me here to discuss your requirements or reach out – kat @ – I’d love to hear from you.

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What they say

“My PR plan became the creative, energetic heart of my project. What emerged was surprising, energising, and far larger than I expected. This has given me the courage to do effortlessly what I previously believed would be challenging. I cannot recommend Kat more highly. She is world-class.”

Simon Haas, author, The Book of Dharma

“Kat’s like a spark plug. You come away ignited.”

Wendy Richmond, founder, Yellow Bicycle PR

“The greatest gift from True Business has been simplicity. It has allowed my offerings to emerge and they are all things I never thought I’d be able to do as work. Photography and taking people into Nature feel so obvious as they are part of me. The business I needed to bring to the world has now been allowed to emerge.”

Edward Pike, Spiritual Mentor, Photographer & Writer

“I’ve created my whole PR with Heart plan. It’s thanks to you that I got into Yoga Magazine. You gave me the courage to go for it. Now I have a book review and article in the November and December editions.”

Sue Blanch, Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle

“Working with Kat burst through over 2 years of frustration and perspiration in about an hour and a half! From then I had a clear vision of what we needed to articulate and set to work.”

Martin Saunders, Marketing Head, Good Energy