Join me for 2022 Vision, a 2.5 hour True Business workshop, to open up and align with your heart’s expansive vision for your best year yet.

Your True Business is full of fun, confidence and magic in 2022.

You’ve shaken off any fears, resignation, fatigue from the pandemic years. You’ve re-engaged your creative life-force; and are directing it towards what matters most to you. You are having the time of your life.

If you’d love some of that, come play and align with your 2022 Vision. You’ll leave with a potent vision and focus for 2022 ready to begin the year with confidence and calm.

With a little bit of movement, guided meditation and journaling you’ll open up your heart’s wisdom and creativity, the gateway to your powerful true self and fresh Source energy. So that we can create in harmony with our true nature and universal flow rather than fight it. This is the realm of optimal wellness, vitality and fun.

Here’s the fun:

  • Connect to your true essence to align with the power of your True Self.
  • Open up your heart’s expansive vision – what matters most to you to create and contribute now.
  • Identify your game-changing focus to bring this vision into being.
  • Establish your self-care practice for the nourishment and energy you need.
  • Gather your team. You you aren’t doing this alone.

You’ll turn this into your True Business 2022 intention. And post it in our dedicated online group so we can stand with you, amplifying your vision.

There will be a video and audio recording available shortly afterwards. And when you register you’ll receive a 2021 True Business Review Questionnaire for some pre-journalling preparation too.

Date + Time

Saturday 4 December 2021 at 5.00-7.30pm GMT

That’s 12pm EST / 9am PST or find the time in your part of the world here.

It’s a New Moon, perfect for connection, self-reflection and new intentions.



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What they say

“Kat prodded my intuitive thinking into reality. I created a better working space and products and generated more income for my business.”

Nancy Feely, owner, Island Fresh Market

“The greatest gift from True Business has been simplicity. It has allowed my offerings to emerge and they are all things I never thought I’d be able to do as work. Photography and taking people into Nature feel so obvious as they are part of me. The business I needed to bring to the world has now been allowed to emerge.”

Edward Pike, Spiritual Mentor, Photographer & Writer

“I loved PR with Heart. Kat, you are so intuitive you can tune into what we need and support us. The group has so much support to give you momentum, accountability and encouragement. The structure for me, breaking it down into small steps made it much more manageable. And listening to your heart. I wouldn’t normally do that and it pinpointed obvious actions and sparks of ideas.”

Denise McAlister, Let’s Talk STI’s

“My PR plan became the creative, energetic heart of my project. What emerged was surprising, energising, and far larger than I expected. This has given me the courage to do effortlessly what I previously believed would be challenging. I cannot recommend Kat more highly. She is world-class.”

Simon Haas, author, The Book of Dharma

When I aligned with my heart new financial partnerships came knocking at my door, my website traffic went up by 50% and my turnover up by 30%. Being in the Financial Times is the pinnacle for me as a personal finance writer.

Lynn Beattie, Mrs MummyPenny