13th October 2014 11:54

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We had the privilege of listening to author, Michael Morpurgo addressing a packed audience in Wells Cathedral on Friday night. Absolutely lovely.

Michael spoke of the need to take risks as a writer.  Adding that he doesn’t dare until he is ready.

At the notion of daring when I am READY I felt my whole body relax. And I’ve come to understand this means ‘Yes Please!’

I’ve never been one to shy away from taking risks. I’ll dig deep for courage, stand strong for what I believe in and do what needs to be done.

However, I used to subscribe to the ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ school.  I’d push on through my feelings, telling myself it was just fear and not real.  I’d call on supposed words of wisdom like: ‘oh you’ll never be ready, ready is now, now is as good a time as any.’ AND SOMETIMES I WASN’T READY.  I was still in my false centre, entrenched in the fear, out of alignment, focus off. And it was horrible and I’d create an absolute mess.  Often the very thing I was afraid of creating.

When he was READY Michael dared to write a story told from the perspective of a horse. He shared that he was intimidated by the fact this had already been done so successfully with Black Beauty.  But, when he was ready, he took the risk and wrote War Horse.  “And then no one bought it, no one read it and it went up on a dusty bookshelf!”  Until 25 years later, the National Theatre got in touch wanting to bring it to life with puppets and War Horse became one of the most successful NT productions ever made. It’s magical and pioneering and daring.

If you are an entrepreneur, a creative, or you have a big vision to bring to life, a message for the world and a mission you feel deeply compelled to fulfil, you will be required to take risks.

The key is to be READY!

You don’t rock up to an athletics meet feeling the fear and doing it anyway without being physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally ready. Well if you want the gold medal, you don’t.

Esther Hicks spoke about this in London a few weeks ago. She shared a story about procrastination and choosing to trust your own natural timing and to take action when you are in alignment and feel good.  Jerry had been on at her to book a plane ticket and she was putting it off, procrastinating. Then all of a sudden she felt like doing it so she acted on that and called the airline to book 10 airline tickets. Looking up the flights the agent was very surprised because the the flights had only been released 10 minutes before. Timing is everything.

So I give myself the space to get into alignment with myself and the feeling of the end result. Here it becomes obvious what action I need to take.  And If I can’t see or take the action yet, then I’ll enjoy the experience of patience, gentleness and grace until I’m READY.

I’d love to know what you do to get ready to dare? 

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