As a Global Communications Director Kat has worked with brands and entrepreneurs pioneering social and environmental change for over 30 years including Good Energy, Homeless World Cup, Nike, UEFA, Vodafone Foundation, Beyond Sport, Muhammad & Lonnie Ali, Desmond Tutu, Eric Cantona, Colin Farrell and Lewis Hamilton.

In 2000 she founded Authentic PR, as featured in The Guardian, The Times and Director, providing communication with integrity for businesses with a purpose pioneering the Purpose Economy now worth over £100 million in the UK alone. She was also the publisher of New Consumer, the UK’s leading authentic and ethical lifestyle magazine.

At the Homeless World Cup, Kat was instrumental in growing the organisation from 20 to 70 nations, positively impacting 250,000 people in 5 years. She generated $25+ million in media coverage; and was Executive Producer for documentary, Kicking It narrated by Colin Farrell, selected for the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals and sold to US Sports Channel ESPN. She also signed the feature film, The Beautiful Game with Bill Nighy and Micheal Ward, with Blue Print Pictures (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) made for Netflix 14 years later.

Then she burnt out. Following her Heart to Antigua the Caribbean Sea restored her wellness and inspired a radical, regenerative business model – True Business. True Business leads with your heart’s wisdom and creative spirit rather than profit and has since served 300+ creative leaders in 14 countries to thrive with impact and legacy.

She is the author of ‘CREATIVE HAPPY WORK: Follow your heart to a thriving business, life and world’ and lives in the UK and Antigua where she supports Adopt a Coastline to clean up and regenerate the beautiful beaches and coastal ecosystems.

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What they say

“Kat is simply world class. She turns PR into a win, win, win delivering outstanding value to all she connects with. She is genius at the big picture strategy AND delivers quality down to the minute details of every aspect.”

Neil Crofts, Cultural Innovation & Authentic Leadership Consultant

“Working with Kat burst through over 2 years of frustration and perspiration in about an hour and a half! From then I had a clear vision of what we needed to articulate and set to work.”

Martin Saunders, Marketing Head, Good Energy

By following the wisdom of her heart, Step created her True Business: “Your invitation to sit with the new vision of working with men during PR with Heart, Kat, opened up and clarified the direction for my work.”

Steph Magenta, Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher

“’It is enjoyable to make things visible, which are invisible’ – Eric Cantona. This quote speaks volumes about you Kat. You are an inspiration now and always.”

Dave Cobban, Director, Nike Sustainable Business and Innovation

“Kat brings out courage due to her own sense of bravery in allowing creativity to be used as a powerful force for positive change.”

Noelle Adcock-Mcelya